Tourist resort

  • Daepohang Harbor

    Daepo Harbor is the most famous harbor in Sokcho. Fresh seafood is frequently delivered, and you can try various snacks such as dried fish, grilled scallop, squid Soondae and fried shrimp. This harbor is filled with people from morning till night.

  • Seoraksan National Park

    When granite rocks of Seorak is seen from a long distance, it reminds of snow so people call it “Seorak (Snow Rock).” Seoraksan has different atmosphere for every season. Remaining snow and tender green of Spring; thick forest in Summer; burning red maple trees in Autumn; and blossom of white snow flowers in Winter… No matter how many times you look at Seoraksan, it is always beautiful and miraculous. Since its dedication as the Korea’s first Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, Seoraksan is a world-famous mountain that will leap every visitor’s heart.

  • Sokcho Tourist & Fishery Market

    Sokcho Tourist & Fishery Market is one of the most recognized traditional market nationwide. The market is located in the center of the city alongside two markets, and supplies fresh vegetables throughout the year, as well as lots of eateries, from fresh sashimi of the underground Sashimi Center, dakgangjeong chicken bites of the Dakjeon Alley, salted seafood of Jeotgal Alley, sundae (Korean blood pudding) soup, seed pancakes, vegetable and seaweed chips, and pancakes, attracting visitors with its noisy and unique charm.

  • Abai Village

    Abai Village is made by refugees of the Korean War, who came to south side of Korea and never returned home. As time passed by, people from other areas have settled down too, but 60% of residents are still from Hamgyeong Province. Now, its official name is called "Cheongho-dong," but still they call it "Abai Village," which means "grandfather" in Hamgyeong dialect. This place is also famous for filming popular Korean drama 'Autumn in my Heart," and its famous Gaetbae is still operating to attract Japanese and Taiwanese tourists. Recently, it gained more popularity and attracting more visitors due to filming popular television show, "2 days and 1 night. '

  • Yeonggeumjeong

    Located at the entrance of Dongmyeong Harbor, Yeonggeum Pavilion is often visited by citizens of Sokcho as it has great view and close from the city. Actually, you cannot find pavilion at Yeonggeum Pavilion since it is a stone mountain. It received its name from the mysterious and beautiful sound that is made as waves hit the rock, which it is similar to Korean lute, Geomungo. Since the stone mountain was broken due to construction of Sokcho Harbor during Japanese imperialism, now there is wide bedrock and we cannot hear the music as old times. However, yo can enjoy surrounding sceneries and wave sounds at the Sunrise Pavilion that is placed near the beach. Especially, sunrise that you can see from this pavilion floats directly from the sea so you will feel like facing the sun.

  • Sokcho Beach

    Sokcho Beach is placed in the middle of the city, and you can wet your feet with waves even from the entrance. Beach has length of 1,200m and width of 59m, but a think pine forest is placed behind the beach and there is a camping ground with water supply. Not like other beaches in the East Coast, it has shallow water depth and slope is not very steep, so children can play safely. You can easily travel to Cheoksan Hot Spring or Seorak-dong as it is close, meaning you can enjoy sea bath and then take hot bath in hot spring by going over a hill or climb up Seoraksan.